About Us

In 2014 the archive collections of two local charities, the Bircham Centre and the Reepham Society, were brought together under one roof and one name, The Reepham Archive. The Archive was established with financial support from the East of England Regional Archive Council, the Bircham Centre and the Reepham Society.

The Reepham Archive works to acquire, preserve, and catalogue material related to the local area for open public access. Most of the material is textual and photographic; the oldest manuscripts are over 200 years old and the earliest photographs date to the mid-19th century.

The Archive has a small team of volunteers who transcribe original manuscripts into searchable PDF documents to facilitate research. The Archive is run by volunteers and is financed by the parent charities, by providing services and by donations. It is open to the public from 10 am to noon on the first Wednesday and Saturday of each month, except over holiday periods, and by appointment.

The material in the Archive is organised on the principles of the International System of Archival Description and uses the Omeka content management system to manage and publish its collections. The material is searchable using keywords, including dates.

All original and master copies of documents and photographs are stored in archival quality media. The Archive is usually able to provide high-quality digital or physical copies on request, for a fee.