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Monthly illustrated articles contributed to Reepham Life and to Reepham & District Community News. Length restricted to between 250 & 300 words. 2018/19 articles related to matching months in Reepham Life Calendars.


From 2016 to the present

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Puzzle of the Mystery Box
Information and speculation about the box outside Very Nice Things, sometimes known as the 'Blanket Box'.

Building a Timeline
Discussion of changes in Reepham, and how the archive is recording those changes.

A Riddle from the Grocery Store
Information about Richard Amiss, a grocer, draper and tailor of Reepham in the mid-1800s.

Travelling in Style
Photograph of an early motorbike with a wicker sidecar being ridden by Fred Gibbs with his cousin Edward Gibbs jnr as the passenger. Article includes details of Frederick Gibbs early life before he came to Reepham.

Fined for Selling Water-Glass Eggs
Mary Lovick was summoned on the information of Arthur Charles Spinks of Scarning (an egg collector for Messrs Sainsbury), for selling eggs not of the quality demanded by the purchaser.

Opening of Stimpson's Piece Pavilion
Opening of the pavilion in 1976 with Dickie Henderson.

But what do we use our staves for, sir?
Description of the uses of staves in the boy scouts, with photograph of the Hackford House Troop in 1911.

More about Riches' Grocery Store
A few details about the products on sale in Riches' shop and some information about Mary Woods, the shop's previous owner.

Veteran Car With Local Connection
Story about AH222, the veteran car pictured outside Reepham Town Hall when it was being used as a Red Cross Hospital during WWI.

A Shepherd and his Sheep
Some details of the life of Robert Eaglen, shepherd & gamekeeper, who lived on Bawdeswell Road.

Historical features of Market Place premises
Comparison of the roofline of Robertson's shop at the time of Queen Victoria's Jubilee and the stepped pattern visible in a 1920s photograph. Alterations were probably made in the early 1900s.
Details of the life of Robert Barber, watchmaker &…

Cricket club’s perennial search for a suitable ground
The ups and downs of Reepham Cricket Club in the late 19th century.

When rationing measures were still in place
Description of Rationing in Britain in the 1950s

Women’s bowls team success throughout the 1960s
Reference to Daisy Mole, a successful member of Reepham Ladies Bowls Team.

Changes to Cawston Road/Wood Dalling junction
Aerial photograph of the junction on the B1145 before modification in the 1990s

The rise and fall of primary school numbers
Brief look at primary schools in Reepham in the 1900s; Reepham St. Mary's; Hackford & Whitwell Primary School; closure of St Mary's.

On your bike: cyclists in the Market Place
The role of cyclists in WWI. Reference to their training manual.

Hackford House as a First World War hospital
Details of the officials, Dr Perry (Medical Officer in charge), Lady Grace Barry (Commandant) ; record cards for Nan Bircham and her sister Dorothy Bruce.

Recalling the thrilling days of the old manual fire engine
Photograph showing the use of the disused Primitive Methodist Chapel on Dereham Road as the new fire station. Comments from Edward Gibbs on the use of the old manual fire engine.

Decline in fortunes of the Leamon family of Whitwell Hall
After the suicide of his father Robert, Philip Leamon and his brother Arthur took over the farming and tannery business. Philip soon got into debt leading to bankruptcy which resulted in the sale of the Whitwell Hall Estate.
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