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Monthly illustrated articles contributed to Reepham Life and to Reepham & District Community News. Length restricted to between 250 & 300 words. 2018/19 articles related to matching months in Reepham Life Calendars.


From 2016 to the present

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Puzzle of the Mystery Box
Information and speculation about the box outside Very Nice Things, sometimes known as the 'Blanket Box'.

Building a Timeline
Discussion of changes in Reepham, and how the archive is recording those changes.

Decline in fortunes of the Leamon family of Whitwell Hall
After the suicide of his father Robert, Philip Leamon and his brother Arthur took over the farming and tannery business. Philip soon got into debt leading to bankruptcy which resulted in the sale of the Whitwell Hall Estate.

Ironmonger’s shop open all hours
The early days of Gibbs' ironmongers shop.

Farm life in Salle Street
Identification of some of the families who lived on Salle Street in the 1800s, particularly Joseph Leeds, landlord of the White Horse.

Musical events raise community funds
Members of Reepham Orchestral Band in the early 1900s; charitable events; band of the 3rd Norfolk Rifle Volunteers.

Whitwell Street pub well known for selling vinegar
Background to The Star, a public house on Whitwell Street, with details about its landlords William Morris and Frederick Watson.

Reepham connection sought for Norfolk vagrants
Initial research about Jimmy, Hester & Mary Ann, three vagrants familar to Reepham inhabitants in the early 1900s.

Reepham Troupe of Black Diamonds
Early performances of the minstrel group, particularly at a Garden Fete with electric lighting provided by Dixon's shop at Townsend Corner.

A hive of business activity on Norwich Road
Norwich Road in the early 1900s, with brief details about Beaver House, Jesse Bircham and John Rooke.

Nonconformists in Reepham
Nonconformist chapels and places of worship in Reepham during the 1800s and early 1900s.

Hackford House in the 1900s
Written to promote interest in the Bircham Centre centenary celebrations in summer 2019.
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