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3 Photocopies of photographs taken in 1950s (est)Mrs. Harmer with 2 dogs at The Ollands, Reepham.Billy Sturman with friends and many dogsMrs Mole, Billy Sturman, Mrs Harmer and 1 dog.

GB-REE-1808091657 Local Artists Exhibition 1981 Gray scrapbook.jpg
Newspaper cutting from North Norfolk News dated 28 August 1981. Eunice Skilton and Lorna Gray hold exhibitions in Holt and Norwich

GB-REE-1801201141 Daisy Mole's Autograph book.JPG
Autograph album belonging to Daisy Burton. 1911-1917 plus letter to RA from J Mole dated 5 November 2017.

GB-REE-1909111348 B1145 before diversion..jpg
On the left can be seen the start of the Crown Meadow Development, the disused station and storage that later became Kerri's Pine. The railway bridge over Marriott's Way is now a footpath to Coller's Way. Bottom right can be seen Fairway Garage and…

GB-REE- 1709071708 Ollands Road, Randalls..jpg
Aerial photograph showing Randell’s workshops and showrooms, now Spar and Malthouse Yard, the site of Wilkins Mills, the Bircham's Brewery and the car park of the Old Brewery House Hotel.

These poems are selected from a large number of poems submitted to a poetry competition which was part of the Reepham Literature Festival in 1999

An account of the box tomb located in St Mary's Church, Reepham

Dwelling house with sign board proclaiming G.Self Plumber & Decorator
Paperhanger Glazier
Pumps fixed & repaired

Family trees pertaining to the Timbers family of Reepham and Salle

Descendants of William Gascoins who lived in Great Witchingham circa 1721-1765

Programme for a Band Contest at Reepham House held on 5 October 1946.
Note that Gordon Frankland is the Secretary (of the Reepham Recreation Ground Memorial Fund) and S. P. Eglington the Compere.
E. T. Ruffles is conducting Fakenham Town Band &…

The Fifth Annual Cawston Brass Band Contest

Reepham Band of Hope, a band of 18 players or less, competed in all three sections i.e. March, Hymn and Selection. The band's conductor was F. W. Wallwork.
The contest began with the March Section, all…

A second photograph of the poster advertising the Whitsuntide concerts given by Reepham Band at Wellington PIer Gardens. George Harrison & Bernard Barsted on the right.

Newspaper cutting describing the concert given in August 1945 by Reepham Junior Band, in the presence of Queen Mary.

Newspaper cutting with brief history of Aylsham Silver Band on its 60th anniversary in 1988

E. T. Ruffles with Aylsham Fellowship Band, prize-winners at a Cambridge festival.

The St John Ambulance Band, led by E. T. Ruffles, on parade through Sheringham.(includes Utting & Garfield, Reepham Band members)
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