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GB-REE-2010191211 1937 Wellington Pier EW.jpg
Digital copy of a postcard of the poster advertising the Whitsuntide concerts given by Reepham Band at Wellington Pier Gardens. On the reverse: George Lambert, Cecil Allen,George Harrison, Barney Barsted1937.

GB-REE-1905081806 Reepham Band Thetford 1978.jpg
Press cutting of Reepham Town Band's success in the East Anglian Brass Band Competition at Thetford. The Band came out top of the Class A section and qualified for entry into the national championships the following year.

GB-REE-1905081138 Fakenham Band 1924.jpg
Group photograph of 17 band members at an outdoor event. Probably Fakenham Band.
Tommy Ruffles Back Row, 2nd from right

GB-REE-1905081115 a, Reepham Band at Kettering 1945.jpg
St. Edward's Band, Kettering presented their First Annual Solo Contest and Concert on 15 December 1945, with guest band Reepham Juniors, Bandmaster S.S. Frankland and Conductor E.T.Ruffles.

GB-REE-1905081047 Band Festival 1962.jpg
Eastern Evening News report dated 24 April 1962 "Reepham scored the highest marks in the class C contest".

The contest lasted 6 hours at St. Andrew's Hall before the concert in the evening.

GB-REE-1905081022 Band at Duke Street 1979.jpg
'Reepham Band joins top brass this week' Article in the Eastern Daily Press dated 31 October 1979 showing the band members under their musical director Tony Norman

GB-REE-1905071316 a 1935-36  Band Memorandum.jpg
Handwritten agreement dated 31 May 1935 between the members of the Reepham Town Temperance Band that they become a uniform committee for the purpose of entering into a Purchase Agreement with Messrs. Boosey and Hawkes.

GB-REE-1905071255 a 1935 Band Agreement.jpg
Typed agreement dated 20 June 1935 between the Bandsmen and the Committee of the same Band, that each Bandsman undertakes to purchase a complete set of Uniform from Messrs. Boosey & Hawkes to the value of £4.12.0d.

GB-REE-1905041229 Reepham Band 1978.jpg
Band at Oulton Broad including some members of the Reepham Band:Back Row: Bill Movely, Leslie Coe, David Foulger, David ?, Terry Norman (conductor), Trevor ?, David Dack, Les Smith, Colin Failes. Centre Row: Philip Musket, Andrew Norman, Shelia ?, ?,…

GB-REE-1905041215 Reepham Band, Duke Street Centre, Norwich 1970's.jpg
Reepham Band with Championship Cups at their rehearsal room in Duke Street, Norwich in April 1980.

GB-REE-1905041151 Reepham Band 1979.jpg
Members of Reepham Band playing in the park at Oulton Broad, June 1979. L to R: Steven ? Gary Newark, Annette Coe, Leslie Coe , Pam Swayze, Sandra Failes Seated: Karen Bales, Jane Chettleburgh

GB-REE-1905041149 Swayze-Coe Reepham Band 1979.jpg
Pam Swayze (Cornet), Leslie Coe (Bb bass), and his daughter Annette Coe (tenor horn) with Reepham Band at Oulton Broad Bandstand - Park engagement - 3rd June 1979

GB-REE-1905041112 a Pam Swayze.jpg
Pam Swayze, playing the cornet at Oulton Broad with Reepham Band in 1979

GB-REE-1811121333 Great Yarmouth, Winter Gardens, from eBay Oct 18 RA.jpg
Pavilion and Winter Gardens, Great Yarmouth, 1908.
This postcard shows where the Reepham Band often played in Great Yarmouth.

Programme for a Band Contest at Reepham House held on 5 October 1946.
Note that Gordon Frankland is the Secretary (of the Reepham Recreation Ground Memorial Fund) and S. P. Eglington the Compere.
E. T. Ruffles is conducting Fakenham Town Band &…

The Fifth Annual Cawston Brass Band Contest

Reepham Band of Hope, a band of 18 players or less, competed in all three sections i.e. March, Hymn and Selection. The band's conductor was F. W. Wallwork.
The contest began with the March Section, all…

A second photograph of the poster advertising the Whitsuntide concerts given by Reepham Band at Wellington PIer Gardens. George Harrison & Bernard Barsted on the right.

Newspaper cutting describing the concert given in August 1945 by Reepham Junior Band, in the presence of Queen Mary.

Newspaper cutting with brief history of Aylsham Silver Band on its 60th anniversary in 1988
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