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E. T. Ruffles conducting a group of at least three bands with a young audience in the top RH corner (possibly part of a final concert at an EABBA Band Festival)

Group of 8 photographs of Reepham Band playing at the Theatre Royal, Norwich. Older members are in uniform, but one player is still in short trousers (John Hall). Other younger players are in civilian clothes or cadet uniforms. Pamela Barsted, the…

Photograph of junior players in Reepham Band taken in 1940 behind The Dial House with Pamela Barsted, the first female player, sitting between Gordon Frankland and Tommy Ruffles.

Descendants of William Gascoins who lived in Great Witchingham circa 1721-1765

1888 Gibbs Bills due copy 2.jpg
Detailed manuscript accounts book dating from the purchase of the Ironmongery and Agricultural Seed Business from Stephen Leeds in 1888 until 1915.
Business valued at £1196 on 11 October 1888.

Gibbs Agricultural Seeds-covers.jpg
Leaflet advertising seeds and roots for farmers including mangels, swede, turnips, kale fodder beet; gives the price of 40 shillings an acre for a ley mix.

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Gibbs Seed Accounts-page 1.jpg
A detailed manuscript record of seeds supplied by Edward Gibbs & Son to local growers.

Memories from Heather Normand (née Beaver)

This Minute Book was in the Reepham Society Archive.
The Town Council advise us that this should be returned to them as it should be held at The Norfolk Record Office.
It is in the Archive while we glean information from this record and will be…

Norfolk Research Committee : Excavation and Fieldwork to be carried out at Whitwell Hall on Saturday 31 March and Sunday 1 April - year tbc
This was part of a study course run by Chris Barringer and David Yaxley. These courses created a great…

20160206_120160206 5 Tin Items.jpg
5 items :- 1 cake tin 155mm dia x 75mm deep1 small rectangular shovel (for cooking?)1 rounded shovel 145mm x 55mm x 70mm1 small funnel 75mm dia x 127mm, small triangular hook on rim1 small funnel 65mm dia x 116mmThe cake tin is labelled 'Example of…

Valuation of Properties in the Parish of Reepham with Kerdistone with Names of Occupiers, Name of Owner, Description of Property, Estimated Extent, Estimated Rental and Rateable Value.

Hand written reference on the back of the first page of the…

History of Reepham Town Band from its beginnings in 1916 until 1984 when it became Matthews Norfolk Brass with financial support from Bernard Matthews.

An account of the box tomb located in St Mary's Church, Reepham

E. T. Ruffles with Aylsham Fellowship Band, prize-winners at a Cambridge festival.

Participants L to R :- L. C. Goose (Clerk to St. Faith's & Aylsham RDC)D Kendall Chapman (Clerk to Reepham Parish Council)M. G.Mwandike (from Tanganyika)F. N. Kulubya (from Uganda) Mrs W. M. Simmons (Chairman of Reepham Parish Council)

Letter of thanks from Queen Mary after the concert given by the Reepham Junior Band on 30 August 1945.
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