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The group includes :-
George Fisher (in white jacket)
Mr. Howe (probably) far right with hat in hand,
Benjamin Edmund Wyand - with a full beard
and G.C. Clarke, Reepham, Veterinary Inspector

The band was part of the 3rd Volunteer Battalion Norfolk , established about 1860.
This photograph was taken in front of Cawston Rectory circa 1886.

Front Row L to R :
Thomas Pitches, William Huggins, Henry Hawes,
James Wasey

Back Row L to…

21 June 1930 Reepham B. O. H. Band This was iniitially a temperance band.Back Row L to R :Jack Alford, Gordon Frankland, Victor Bishop, Fred Edgemore, Billy Alford, Sidney Frost, Archie Guyton, Sidney Hardiment, Ted Hardiment, Arthur HardimentFront…

Photograph possibly taken in Stewards Pasture dated 1936. E T Ruffles can be seen conducting; his suit & bowler hat suggests an earlier date.
Further undated picture from in Reepham Band Ring Binder.

Two group photographs of the band in the early uniform. The bass drum still includes the word 'Temperance'. Although not identified the second group contains many of the same faces.

GB/REE/1608211244 -a
Outside the Band Hall
Front Row L to R…

The Fifth Annual Cawston Brass Band Contest

Reepham Band of Hope, a band of 18 players or less, competed in all three sections i.e. March, Hymn and Selection. The band's conductor was F. W. Wallwork.
The contest began with the March Section, all…

This photograph was originally published as a postcard by H E Tansley, a photographer in Sheringham & Cromer, to celebrate the band's success at the Crystal Palace Championships in 1936. In a later reproduction the word 'Temperance' was removed.

A second photograph of the poster advertising the Whitsuntide concerts given by Reepham Band at Wellington PIer Gardens. George Harrison & Bernard Barsted on the right.

Programme given by Reepham Band in Wellington Pier Gardens on Whit Sunday afternoon 1937, featuring bell solo by G Lambert, cornet solo by G Harrison & vocal solos by Robert Richardson. The first of three concerts on Whit Sunday & Monday, all three…

Programme given by Reepham Band in Wellington Pier Gardens on Whit Sunday evening 1937, featuring cornet solo by H Gaskins, horn solo by S Hardiment, trombone solo by R Hunt & vocal solos by Robert Richardson. The second of three concerts on Whit…

Programme given by Reepham Band in Wellington Pier Gardens on Whit Monday afternoon 1937, featuring euphonium solo by A C Guyton, cornet solo by H Gaskins & trombone solo by R Hunt. The last of three concerts on Whit Sunday & Monday, all three having…

Photograph of junior players in Reepham Band taken in 1940 behind The Dial House with Pamela Barsted, the first female player, sitting between Gordon Frankland and Tommy Ruffles.

Pamela Barsted joined the band in 1940, aged 15. Four band members are in cadet uniforms and two younger members have their school caps on. Older members George Harrison and George Cocking are by the pole at the back. Derek Woods is next to Pamela…

Probably the St John Ambulance County Band, consisting of mostly Fakenham Band members but including men from Reepham Band. Sir Thomas Cook was the County Commander of the St John Ambulance Brigade.

Back row L to R : 1 - Bernard Wright, 2 - ?…

Concert in the Band Hall, Reepham, to celebrate the Junior Band's first radio broadcast on 30 October

Group of 8 photographs of Reepham Band playing at the Theatre Royal, Norwich. Older members are in uniform, but one player is still in short trousers (John Hall). Other younger players are in civilian clothes or cadet uniforms. Pamela Barsted, the…

Programme of items performed by Reepham Band at the Theatre Royal, Norwich in 1944; including solos by Pamela Barsted & Harry Moore; with songs by Robert Brown & piano selections by Mrs R S Smith. Compered by Gordon Frankland.

Edited from a group photograph of the bandOn the back of the mount is written in pencil 'Ruffles 15/6', equal to 75 pence in modern coinage.

Sitting at the back
Ladies Committee Members L to R :-
Mrs Cocking, Mrs Voutts, Mrs Ruffles,
Mrs Ransome, Mrs Connie Smith
Mrs Frankland

Newspaper cutting describing the concert given in August 1945 by Reepham Junior Band, in the presence of Queen Mary.
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