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Early performances of the minstrel group, particularly at a Garden Fete with electric lighting provided by Dixon's shop at Townsend Corner.

Musical events raise community funds.pdf
Members of Reepham Orchestral Band in the early 1900s; charitable events; band of the 3rd Norfolk Rifle Volunteers.

Ironmonger’s shop open all hours.pdf
The early days of Gibbs' ironmongers shop.

20160206_120160206 5 Tin Items.jpg
5 items :- 1 cake tin 155mm dia x 75mm deep1 small rectangular shovel (for cooking?)1 rounded shovel 145mm x 55mm x 70mm1 small funnel 75mm dia x 127mm, small triangular hook on rim1 small funnel 65mm dia x 116mmThe cake tin is labelled 'Example of…

20160206_110432_6 Milk Bottle Tops.jpg
Round cardboard milk bottle tops, off-white background with red cow in the centre, 'FRESH FROM THE FARM : QUALITY GUARANTEED' written around the edge, a small red circle beneath the cow reads 'SIDE PRESS'.

In the mid-1950s cardboard tops were…

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20160206_110156 3 Trenails.jpg
Trenails are hand made wooden pegs or dowels used for pinning planks or timbers together

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20160206_110130 Bulls Head Tin Opener.jpg
Metal hand held tin opener in the form of a bull's head with long back and curved tail.

The short vertical spike rising from the head was intended to pierce a hole in the lid of a can, and the other was a cutting blade for see-sawing round the…

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20160206_105427 Sway.jpg
Hand made wooden sway or brace with brass fittings, pre-cursor of the power drill

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Sample box to carry seeds to establish quality of a crop. The screw top is decorated with 4 incised circles and some simple black paint patterns. It contains cereal seeds.
Maker, owner and period not known.

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Programme of musical entertainment based on a Minstrel Show, with H. C. Peck as the Interlocutor (Master of Ceremonies). The Black Diamonds Troupe also included a Tambo and a Bones (nicknames for the musicians who played the tambourine & the…

Reepham Pierrot Group was formed from members of the church choir.

L to R :-
George Cocking, boot and shoe repairer
Mabel Utting, butcher's daughter
Olive Chapman
Mrs Fred Gibbs, organist, draper & milliner, seated
Nancy Geake, Rector's…

Reepham Pierrot Group was formed from members of the church choir.

L to R :-
George Cocking, Mabel Utting, Nancy Geake ,
Olive Chapman, Donald Chapman,
and Mrs Fred Gibbs (seated)

Stanley Watson, ? Horn (possibly F. Hurn) & a young Gordon Frankland with horse & cart in Gibbs' yard

Ronald Gibbs with delivery lorry, presumably in Gibbs' yard.

Ronald was evacuated from London at the age of 8 and came to stay in Reepham with the Gibbs family. Edward Gibbs' wife Emma (whose maiden name was also Gibbs) was Ronald's great aunt. …

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Gibbs' Staff with delivery lorry

L to R :
Gordon Frankland, Ron Gibbs, Ernie Wilkinson,
Terry Arthurton

GIBBS Edw Jnr in Rover car.jpg
Edward Gibbs in his Rover car while on leave during WWI

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Gibbs Seed Accounts-page 1.jpg
A detailed manuscript record of seeds supplied by Edward Gibbs & Son to local growers.

Gibbs Agricultural Seeds-covers.jpg
Leaflet advertising seeds and roots for farmers including mangels, swede, turnips, kale fodder beet; gives the price of 40 shillings an acre for a ley mix.

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