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GB-REE-1812101102 Sturman + Harmer.jpg
3 Photocopies of photographs taken in 1950s (est)Mrs. Harmer with 2 dogs at The Ollands, Reepham.Billy Sturman with friends and many dogsMrs Mole, Billy Sturman, Mrs Harmer and 1 dog.

GB-REE-1801201141 Daisy Mole's Autograph book.JPG
Autograph album belonging to Daisy Burton. 1911-1917 plus letter to RA from J Mole dated 5 November 2017.

Programme of musical entertainment based on a Minstrel Show, with H. C. Peck as the Interlocutor (Master of Ceremonies). The Black Diamonds Troupe also included a Tambo and a Bones (nicknames for the musicians who played the tambourine & the…
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