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E. T. Ruffles with Aylsham Fellowship Band, prize-winners at a Cambridge festival.

The St John Ambulance Band, led by E. T. Ruffles, on parade through Sheringham.(includes Utting & Garfield, Reepham Band members)

Fakenham Band - identified by the distinctive jackets

Back Row L to R : ?, ?, ?, Reggie Seals?, Gordon Frankland, E. T. Ruffles, ?, Bernard Wright, Brian Howes Front Row L to R :Nancy Woods, Norma Hubbard, Hazel Freestone,Pamela Reeder, Brian Wright, Leslie Moy, Stella Riseborough, Daphne Barrow (Some…

E. T. Ruffles conducting a group of at least three bands with a young audience in the top RH corner (possibly part of a final concert at an EABBA Band Festival)

E. T. Ruffles leading massed group of bandsmen. Several bands represented at the opening rally of an EABBA festival in Yarmouth. (Film advertised is Mutiny on the Bounty with Charles Laughton & Clark Gable, first released in Europe in 1936)

E. T. Ruffles with members of Reepham Band in Chapelfield Gardens, Norwich

Group photograph outside the Band Hall including E. T. Ruffles, Gordon Frankland

St Andrews Hall, Norwich
Presentation being made to E. T. Ruffles.

(East Anglian Brass Band Festival 1954
Reepham Band won Class A)

Top photograph
St Andrews Hall, Norwich

Front row L to R : Eric Barrett, Billy Hatley, John Hall, Ray Platten, E T Ruffles, ? , Ray Betts, Ernie Moy

Middle row : Jimmy Secker, Michael Platten, Jennifer Ward, Valerie Allen, Wendy Ward,…

Front Row L to R :
Nancy Woods, Norma Hubbard,
Hazel Freestone, Pamela Reeder,
Brian Wright, Leslie Moy, Stella Riseborough, Diane Barrow

Back Row L to R :
?, ?, ?, Reggie Seals, Gordon Frankland,
E. T. Ruffles, ?, Bernard Wright, Brian…

Sidney Hardiment in 1932 with E T Ruffles

Probably the St John Ambulance County Band, consisting of mostly Fakenham Band members but including men from Reepham Band. Sir Thomas Cook was the County Commander of the St John Ambulance Brigade.

Back row L to R : 1 - Bernard Wright, 2 - ?…

Two group photographs of the band in the early uniform. The bass drum still includes the word 'Temperance'. Although not identified the second group contains many of the same faces.

GB/REE/1608211244 -a
Outside the Band Hall
Front Row L to R…

Group photograph of Reepham Band, possibly late 1940s/early 1950s, listening to a recording of the band's latest successful performance. Back row L to R :J Secker, Brian Howes, Garth Colls, George Harrison, Godfrey Barsted, Derek Woods, ? , John…

Portrait photographs of E T Ruffles, conductor of Reepham Band


Full programme of the East Anglian Brass Band Association's festival. Includes details of the competing bands with their conductors, test pieces, previous successes dating back to 1932, trophies to be awarded & relevant advertising. Robert Austin had…

Festival Concert given by Fodens Motor Works Band, conducted by Harry Mortimer. The concert included the presentation of awards & trophies to successful bands who had competed in the 18th Annual EABBA Spring Festival. A special presentation was made…

Programme given by Reepham Band in Wellington Pier Gardens on Whit Monday afternoon 1937, featuring euphonium solo by A C Guyton, cornet solo by H Gaskins & trombone solo by R Hunt. The last of three concerts on Whit Sunday & Monday, all three having…

Programme given by Reepham Band in Wellington Pier Gardens on Whit Sunday evening 1937, featuring cornet solo by H Gaskins, horn solo by S Hardiment, trombone solo by R Hunt & vocal solos by Robert Richardson. The second of three concerts on Whit…
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