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After the suicide of his father Robert, Philip Leamon and his brother Arthur took over the farming and tannery business. Philip soon got into debt leading to bankruptcy which resulted in the sale of the Whitwell Hall Estate.

Photograph shows the dead redwood tree that was felled in 1977.

Postcard of Forest School, Whitwell with porch and half the house covered with ivy and with low brick wall in the foreground.

FSC (Forest School Camps) was originally formed in 1948 by a group of former students and teachers from a radical…

Tracing of Whitwell Hall and Grounds from the copy of a deed recording the sale of Glebe land at Whitwell Hall by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners to Robert Leamon.
This is of interest as the Chapel of St Nicholas is mentioned in old documents and…

Norfolk Research Committee : Excavation and Fieldwork to be carried out at Whitwell Hall on Saturday 31 March and Sunday 1 April - year tbc
This was part of a study course run by Chris Barringer and David Yaxley. These courses created a great…

GB-REE-160221735 Well at Whitwell Hall.jpg
Notes on the finding of a well unmarked on an unknown plan of the Whitwell Hall Estate together with a sketch map of the site.

Middlesex Regiment while stationed at Whitwell Hall, on parade with bicycles in Reepham Market Place.
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