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Written to promote interest in the Bircham Centre centenary celebrations in summer 2019.

Nonconformists in Reepham.pdf
Nonconformist chapels and places of worship in Reepham during the 1800s and early 1900s.

A Hive of Business Activity on Norwich Road.pdf
Norwich Road in the early 1900s, with brief details about Beaver House, Jesse Bircham and John Rooke.

Early performances of the minstrel group, particularly at a Garden Fete with electric lighting provided by Dixon's shop at Townsend Corner.

Initial research about Jimmy, Hester & Mary Ann, three vagrants familar to Reepham inhabitants in the early 1900s.

Whitwell Street pub well known for selling vinegar.pdf
Background to The Star, a public house on Whitwell Street, with details about its landlords William Morris and Frederick Watson.

Musical events raise community funds.pdf
Members of Reepham Orchestral Band in the early 1900s; charitable events; band of the 3rd Norfolk Rifle Volunteers.

Farm life in Salle Street.pdf
Identification of some of the families who lived on Salle Street in the 1800s, particularly Joseph Leeds, landlord of the White Horse.

Ironmonger’s shop open all hours.pdf
The early days of Gibbs' ironmongers shop.

Decline in fortunes of the Leamon family of Whitwell Hall.pdf
After the suicide of his father Robert, Philip Leamon and his brother Arthur took over the farming and tannery business. Philip soon got into debt leading to bankruptcy which resulted in the sale of the Whitwell Hall Estate.

Discussion of changes in Reepham, and how the archive is recording those changes.

Mystery Box.pdf
Information and speculation about the box outside Very Nice Things, sometimes known as the 'Blanket Box'.

GB-REE-1812101102 Sturman + Harmer.jpg
3 Photocopies of photographs taken in 1950s (est)Mrs. Harmer with 2 dogs at The Ollands, Reepham.Billy Sturman with friends and many dogsMrs Mole, Billy Sturman, Mrs Harmer and 1 dog.

GB-REE-1808091657 Local Artists Exhibition 1981 Gray scrapbook.jpg
Newspaper cutting from North Norfolk News dated 28 August 1981. Eunice Skilton and Lorna Gray hold exhibitions in Holt and Norwich

GB-REE-1801201141 Daisy Mole's Autograph book.JPG
Autograph album belonging to Daisy Burton. 1911-1917 plus letter to RA from J Mole dated 5 November 2017.

GB-REE-1909111348 B1145 before diversion..jpg
On the left can be seen the start of the Crown Meadow Development, the disused station and storage that later became Kerri's Pine. The railway bridge over Marriott's Way is now a footpath to Coller's Way. Bottom right can be seen Fairway Garage and…

GB-REE- 1709071708 Ollands Road, Randalls..jpg
Aerial photograph showing Randell’s workshops and showrooms, now Spar and Malthouse Yard, the site of Wilkins Mills, the Bircham's Brewery and the car park of the Old Brewery House Hotel.

These poems are selected from a large number of poems submitted to a poetry competition which was part of the Reepham Literature Festival in 1999

An account of the box tomb located in St Mary's Church, Reepham
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